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News archive (pre 2022)

An archive of news prior to 2022

23.09.2021      Simon Wood has coauthored a paper published in PLOS1 on making inference about Covid-19
08.09.2021 Chris Dent: 'Buzzwords unwrapped 2: what do people mean by "model"?'
08.07.2021 The Alan Turing Institute features Chris Dent's work on risk modelling
22.03.2021 Chris Dent on Improving Covid-19 Data and Evidence Communication

Miguel de Carvalho elected President of the Portuguese Statistical Society

27.11.2020 Academic Interview - Timothy Cannings on developing new statistical methods for use within medicine
13.11.2020 Chris Dent: 'Buzzwords unwrapped: Artificial Intelligence and Digital Twin'

Student Research Article - PhD Student Jacob Bradley on his work in high-dimensional statistics for cancer research


Prof. Ruth King gave Presidential Address at IBS meeting

05.11.2020 Chris Dent on 'Energy data availability: The good, the bad and the ugly'
18.09.2020 Dr. Miguel de Carvalho awarded the Lindley Prize

Prof. Ruth King presented keynote at RSS annual conference

08.09.2020 Prof. Chris Dent elected Fellow of Institute of Engineering and Technology
13.08.2020 Chris Dent on 'Data, algorithms and the 2020 SQA national assessment results'

2020 David Finney Lecture presented by Professor Sir David Spiegelhalter

17.07.2020 Dr. Mine Çetinkaya-Rundel and Dr. Colin Rundel hosted the workshop series Teaching Statistics and Data Science Online
13.06.2020 The Centre for Statistics sponsored the COVID-19 Virtual Data Challenge at  Datafest @ EDI
01.02.2020 The Centre for Statistics  was a partner for the workshop on New Frontiers in Statistics of Extremes
01.01.2020 Centre for Statistics awarded seed funding for two projects
06.12.2019 RSS and CfS afternoon on Decision-Support in Litigation
30.10.2019 Afternoon on Risk, Noise, and Extremes
10.10.2019 Symposium on Training and Education in Statistics
01.09.2020 The Centre for Statistics leadership team expands
01.08.2019 Chris Dent writes on Electricity Blackout Events
11.06.2019 Miguel de Carvalho elected new Director of the Centre for Statistics
11.06.2019 The Centre for Statistics Annual Conference (CfSC 2019)  
10.06.2019 2019 David Finney Lecture given by Prof. Ian Dryden
27.05.2019 CfS Research Day on Business and Economic Statistics
27.05.2019 CfS Research Day on Risk and Resilience
20.05.2019 Centre for Statistics is now on Twitter
13.05.2019 On Statistical Significance Testing
08.05.2019 Supercentenarians, Limits to Human Life, and Extreme Value Theory
25.04.2019 Tim Cannings gave a lecture on an Introduction to Causal Inference
21.12.2018 Dr. Chris Dent writes 'Are current extreme concerns of blackouts really justified?'