Centre for Statistics


Highlights of CfS members and research case studies.

Member profiles: a conversation with Colin Aitken

In the first of our series on member profiles, Centre for Statistics director Miguel de Carvalho interviews Colin Aitken.

Innovative Teaching in the Time of COVID-19

Mine Cetinkaya-Rundel
By co-developing online data science tutorials and automated feedback mechanisms with former students, Mine Çetinkaya-Rundel from the Centre for Statistics has shown that first-year undergraduates can still receive high-quality learning experiences in the midst of a pandemic.

The Statistical Consultancy Unit

Furnished by the Centre for Statistics with a talented core team, and given the freedom to tap into specialist expertise from the wider School of Mathematics, the Statistical Consultancy Unit is prepared for any challenge the world can throw at it.

Exposing Liver Cancer

When hepatologist Tom Bird realised current methods of liver cancer detection were leading to misdiagnosis, he called in statisticians from the Centre for Statistics to help him remedy the situation

Vital Statistics of Neutron Star Collisions

Artist's illustration of two merging neutron stars
Statistics is central to gaining insights from gravitational wave events, as the contributions from University of Edinburgh statistician Jonathan Gair, and physicists Andy Lawrence and David Homan reveal.

Cocaine Crime Stats

Trace amounts of cocaine on banknotes can tell a surprisingly rich and telling story about the notes’ history, as Amy Wilson from the Centre for Statistics has found out.