Centre for Statistics

Apply for funding

Funding is available for collaborative projects with the Centre for Statistics.

The Centre for Statistics offers the opportunity to bid for small ‘pump-priming’ grants to facilitate the development of significant interdisciplinary research proposals.

Conditions of Award
  • Circa £10,000 per year is expected to be available from CfS, to fund one or more proposals per call, sometimes augmented with other funding sources.
  • Proposals will be judged by the Director of the CfS, at least one Member of the CfS, and one of our Co-Directors from another College.
  • A report on the outcomes of the funding must be delivered to the Director.
  • Any publications that arise from work supported by this seed funding should acknowledge support from the CfS.
  • Grant applications arising from work supported by CfS seed funding should include requests for support for collaborative activities within the University Edinburgh that can be advertised as CfS events.
  • The applications can be submitted at the following deadlines: we are currently not accepting applications.

  • Please contact with subject "Seed Funding: ", if you would like to enquire about future funding rounds. 

Eligibility of funding
  • The proposal must be a collaborative project with statistical aspects at its core and at least two Schools must be involved (it is expected that one is the School of Mathematics but it is not required).

  • The proposal must demonstrate novelty, in statistical methodology or in applications.

  • The proposal should strengthen the case for a future grant application.
  • Proposals must demonstrate a high likelihood that the investment will help establish a long term research collaboration. The intention is not to fund the completion of an existing piece of work, a short one-off project or purely speculative research. The resources requested must represent good value for money. 
Format of the proposal

Up to 4 sides of A4, detailing:

  • The activity that the funding will cover.
  • Describe statistical aspects of the projects and novelty of the project (e.g. novel statistical methodology to be developed, or novel aspects of application of existing statistical methods to a new application).

  • A clear description of how this work will progress a joint project (e.g. by assessing its feasibility, or otherwise strengthening the case for a future grant application).
  • A description of the longer term (2-5 year) vision for the development of the research collaboration.
  • How success will be measured, e.g., submitting a proposal to an anticipated future grant call, PhD scholarship and/or publications.
  • The resources requested. Only direct costs can be covered, but there are no other restrictions. For example, proposers can request funding for someone’s time to assess the feasibility of a project, to bringing a third party to provide missing expertise in a particular area, or for travel. All such funding must be thoroughly justified and it must be clear that there are no other sources of funds available to support this activity. Any funds awarded are not strictly grants, and will not be measured as such.  On award of seed funding, discussions will take place as to the most effective way to distribute the funds between units.