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Open Source Software

  • APFr: a multiple testing approach based on Average Power Function and Bayes FDR robust estimation - Nicolò Margaritella

  • AROC: estimates the covariate-adjusted Receiver Operating Characteristic (AROC) curve - Vanda Inácio de Carvalho & Maria Xose Rodriguez-Alvarez

  • ASSA: for applied singular spectrum analysis - Miguel de Carvalho and Gabriel Martos

  • bestSDPestimates the burden of common communicable diseases in settlements of displaced populations - You Li

  • bioassays: summarises multi well plate cellular assays - Anwar Azad Palakkan & Jamie Davies

  • catmap: a case-control and TDT meta-analysis package - Kristin Nicodemus et. al.

  • CPS: sequential and batch change detection for univariate data streams, using the change point model framework - Gordon Ross
  • ctmcd: estimates the parameters of a continuous-time Markov chain from discrete-time data - Marius Pfeuffer, Gonçalo dos Reis et al.

  • DDEfit: a package for fitting (delay) differential equations and discrete time models to data - Simon Wood
  • dirichletprocess: for nonparametric Bayesian analysis using Dirichlet processes - Gordon Ross

  • encryptrencrypt and decrypt data using RSA keys - Ewen Harrison et. al.​​​​​​

  • extremis: conducts inferece for statistical models for extreme values - Miguel de Carvalho 

  • finalfitquickly create elegant regression results tables and plots when modelling - Ewen Harrison, Tom Drake & Riinu Ots

  • fmesher: a geometry tool in the INLA package - Finn Lindgren
  • GeneImp: genotype imputation from ultra-low coverage sequencing - Athina Spiliopoulou, Marco Colombo & Paul McKeigue 
  • geometry: for mesh generation and surface tessellation - David C. Sterratt et. al.
  • hsstan: hierarchical shrinkage Stan models for biomarker selection - Marco Colombo, Paul McKeigue & Athina Spiliopoulou
  • inlabru: for spatial modelling using integrated nested Laplace Approximation- Finn Lindgren
  • mgcv: for estimating penalized Generalized Linear models - Simon Wood
  • nflows: a normalizing flows pytorch library - Iain Murray
  • Orthogonal MCMC: MATLAB code for implementing Orthogonal MCMC methods - Victor Elvira

  • posum 2: mortality estimation software based on the population surface method - Simon Wood

  • retistruct: a program to reconstruct retinae - David C. Sterratt & Daniel Lyngholm

  • rGEDI:  A set of tools for downloading, reading, visualizing and processing NASA's GEDI data Steven Hancock et. al.

  • RImageJROIreads 'ImageJ' ROI files - David C. Sterratt & Mikko

  • ROCnReg: estimates ROC Curve Inference with and without Covariates- Maria Xose Rodriguez-Alvarez & Vanda Inacio

  • RPEnsemble: for random projection ensemble classification- Timothy Cannings and Richard Samworth

  • RTrianglea 2D quality mesh generator and Delaunay triangulator - Jonathan Richard Shewchuk, David C. Sterratt & Elias Pipping

  • Sequential Monte Carlo: MATLAB code for the sequential Monte Carlo scheme - Victor Elvira

  • Solv95: a delay differential equation solver - Simon Wood

  • spearmanCL: for conducting jackknife Euclidean / empirical likelihood inference for Spearman's rho - Miguel de Carvalho
  • texmex: for statistical extreme value modelling of threshold excesses, maxima and multivariate extremes - Ioannis Papastathopoulos et. al.

  • wevid: for quantifying performance of a binary classifier through weight of evidence - Paul McKeigue & Marco Colombo

  • wktmo: for converting weekly data to monthly data - You Li


Stats-based animation for teaching - Glenna Nightingale