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We have helped a diverse set of researchers in the past.

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Endorsements from visitors

The two helpers have spent a great deal of time asking me questions in order to understand my problem,  explaining concepts on the way. After spending quite some time for clarification, both have suggested potential avenues for further analysis. Moreover, Antoni has agreed to email the notes we have taken on his tablet during the explanatory phase, which was very useful. Overall, I had an extremely positive experience and I truly am grateful for the helpers' time and effort. This drop-in clinic is very useful!

Iris (School of Engineering) 


Despite dealing with a lot of information given in a short and fairly unclear manner, Tim was able to understand and give recommendations on the route to take with a weird dataset.  Advice about the route to follow and the next steps to take were especially helpful.

Laura (School of History, Classics and Archaeology)


Simon walked through my models and the problem, provided great feedback on the statistical test I was using, and suggested other applicable statistical tests to look into. He was very clear and helped me to clarify the gaps in my understanding

Avalon (School of Engineering) 

Torben provided brilliant help - he carefully listened to the problem, and we had an in-depth discussion of our planned experiments and the best way of planning sample sizes.



Number of clinic visitors to date (03/04/2024): 65