Centre for Statistics

Joint Research Afternoon: Neuroscience and Statistics

Talks were invited to highlight statistical methodology of potential value for neuroscience, and neuroscience questions that may benefit from advanced statistical approaches and interdisciplinary collaborations.   

Group photo

The programme for the event was:

12:00-13:00: Lunch + posters                                                                              JCMB 3217         

13:00-14:30: Short talks (6 x 15 min)                                                                JCMB LT A         

14:30-15:00: Coffee break + posters                                                                 JCMB 3217         

15:00-16:00: Breakout discussion  groups + CfS seed funding             JCMB 3217         

16:00-16:10: Refreshments/break                                                                     JCMB 3217         

16:10-17:00: Panel Discussion + CfS seed funding                                     JCMB 3217   


The Centre for Statistics offers the opportunity to bid for small ‘pump-priming’ grants to facilitate the development of significant interdisciplinary research proposals. More information.

Details of a previous similar research day held in November  2018 are here:  https://www.maths.ed.ac.uk/~ipapasta/CfS/CfDBS


May 17 2022 -

Joint Research Afternoon: Neuroscience and Statistics

To promote collaboration between neuroscience and statistics communities in Edinburgh, we are hosting a joint research meeting between the Centre for Statistics and the Centre for Discovery Brain Sciences.