Centre for Statistics

About Us

Uniting data-driven researchers from across Edinburgh and beyond.



Tim Cannings


Chris Dent (ex-officio as Director of the Statistical Consultancy Unit)

Roxanne Connelly  (CAHSS representative)


Chris Ponting (CMVM representative)

The roles of the CAHSS and CMVM Co-Directors are to promote CfS to their Colleges and to alert the Director to opportunities for collaboration.

Core members

The core membership of the CfS comprises of over 100 data-driven researchers from across Edinburgh who support the aims of the CfS, are willing to share their expertise with other members, and are interested in shaping the future of the CfS by providing a consultative forum for the Directors of the CfS.


Aims and Ambitions

The Centre for Statistics (CfS) aims to deepen mutual understanding between statisticians working in the mathematical sciences and researchers in other disciplines, leading both to cutting-edge interdisciplinary research that utilises modern statistical tools, and to innovations in statistical research.

The CfS promotes an environment which fosters interdisciplinary research and knowledge exchange by:

  • The organisation of interdisciplinary seminars and discussion series based in academic units across the University and, through the provision of small grants, to aid the development of collaborative research proposals.
  • Inviting world leading statisticians on extended research visits where they spend time in academic units across Scotland.
  • Promoting the application of the statistical sciences by holding an annual conference showcasing the most innovative interdisciplinary research and applications and organising an annual David Finney Lecture on Statistical Research and its Benefits to Society.
  • Establishing new connections between mathematics and other academic areas, and with industrial, governmental and commercial users.  The CfS has founded Statistical Consultancy Unit which acts as an interface between external clients and the expertise within the CfS.
  • Being at the forefront of training the next generation of statisticians and data scientists.